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Corporate Profile

Provide efficient solutions in services of drilling geothermal wells, with specialized personnel and equipment certified by applying international standards of safety and environmental protection.

Being a leader in Central America specializes in drilling wells, providing comprehensive and reliable service for our customers, generating pride for our staff, long-term relationships with our suppliers, benefits to the communities we serve and making the return required by shareholders.

Perforadora Santa Barbara aims to drill geothermal wells, using appropriate drilling equipment and personnel with sufficient experience in the construction of such wells. But also offers intervention and repair of geothermal wells, cementing operations, air drilling services, drilling fluids engineering and advice in drilling wells.

The company has drilled more than twenty geothermal wells in El Salvador and more than five in Nicaragua, making it a company with sufficient experience in the drilling of geothermal fields.

The customer service, quality work, environmental protection, job security for its staff, working harmoniously with the community, long-term relationships with its suppliers and the return for the investors, are the values that fund its business.